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Ancient Weapons

Types of swords

Long swords were classified by Col. Gordon as longer than 28 inches/71 cm.[1]

[] Curved one-handed swordsKastane (Southeast Asian)
Falchion (European)
Dao, Zhibei dao, Beidao (Chinese)
Yanmaodao (Chinese)
Liuyedao (Chinese)
Dha (Southeast Asian)
Cutlass (European)
Dussack, Dusack, Dysack, Dusagge, Dusegge, Dusegg, Disackn, Tesak, Tuseckn, Thuseckn (European, debated, although some list this weapon only as a wooden practice sword, others state that there are real, metal examples)[3]
Hanger, Hangar (European)
Backsword (European)
Hunting sword (European)
Großmesser, Hiebmesser (European)
Langes messer, Kriegsmesser (European)
Schweizersäbel (European)
Briquet (European)
Sabre (European)
Karabela (European)
Szabla (European)
Shashka (European)
Talwar (Middle Eastern)
Saif (Middle Eastern)
Nimcha (African)
Kilij (Middle Eastern)
Scimitar (Middle Eastern)
Shamshir (Middle Eastern)
Ayudha Katti (South and Southeast Asian)[3]
Piandao (Chinese)
Pulwar (Middle Eastern)
Mameluke(Middle Eastern)
Klewang (Southeast Asian)
Kampilan (Southeast Asian)
Krabi (Southeast Asian)
[] Straight one-handed swordsSpatha (Merranean)
Arming Sword, War Sword (European)
Katzbalger (European)
Spadroon (European)
Flyssa (African)
Ida (African)
Takoba (African)
Jian (Chinese)
Tibetan Jian (Middle Asian)[3]
Saingeom (Korean)
Schiavona (European)
Espada ropera (European)
Firangi, Firanghi (Central Asian)[3]
Sidesword (European)
Epee (European - although now a fencing practice weapon, originally was a stiff, heavy, triangular-bladed thrusting sword weighing about 30oz)[4]
Rapier (European)
Flamberge (European)
Longsword, Grootzwaard, Langschwert, Spadone, Spada Longa (Lunga), Montante(European)
Estoc (European)
Mortuary sword (European)
Broadsword, Basket-hilted Sword, Heavy Cavalry Sword (European)
Kaskara (African)
Hwandudaedo (Korean)
Khanda (South Asian)
Claymore (European)
Malibar Coast Sword (Southeast Asian)[3]
Tsurugi (Japanese)
Chokuto (Japanese)
Ninjato (Japanese)
[] Curved two-handed swordsNihonto (Japanese) Classification?
Katana (Japanese)
Dotanuki (Japanese)
Panabas (Filipino)
Tachi (Japanese)
Uchigatana (Japanese)
Miao dao (Chinese)
Nandao (Chinese)
[] Hand-and-a-Half and Two-handed GreatswordsBastard Sword, Espée Bastarde, Hand-and-a-half Sword (European)
Highland Sword, Claidheamh Da Laimh (European)[3]
Boar Sword (European)[3]
Assamese Dao (Indian,Southeast Asian)[3]
Nagamaki, Nagamaki Sword (attached to sword handle, as opposed to the polearm) (Japanese) [5]
Zanbato (Japanese)
Nodachi (Japanese)
Otachi (Japanese)
Changdao (Chinese)
Wodao (Chinese)
Okatana (Japanese)
Zhanmadao (Chinese)
Dadao (Chinese)
Espadon (European)
Greatsword (European)
Bihander, Dopplehänder, Doppelhander, Zweihander, Tuck, Two Handed Sword, Lowland Sword (European)
Paratschwerter, Parade Sword (European) [3]
Flambard, Flammard, Flammenschwert (European)
Executioner's Sword, Sword of Justice, Heading Sword (European)
[] Axe-like swordsGenerally concave blades with the sharpened edge running the length of the non-handle part. Used for heavy, chopping motions.

Aruval (South Asian)
Sappara, sickle-sword, Khopesh, Sicklesword (Middle eastern)
Sica, One-handed Dacian Falx (Merranean)
Machete, Vettukathi (Southeast Asian)
Bolo / Itak(Asian)
Makhaira (Merranean)
Yatagan, Yataghan (Middle Eastern)
Kora (Southeast Asian)
Parang pandit (Southeast Asian)
Sosun Pattah (South Asian)[3]
[] Other swordsHook sword (Chinese)
Shotel (African)
[] Knives and daggersFurther information: List of daggers
It has been suggested that List of daggers be merged into this article or section. (Discuss) Proposed since June 2011.

[] Axe knivesGenerally short, concave blades with the sharpened edge running the length of the non-handle part. Used for heavy chopping motions.

Karambit, Kerambit, Korambit (Southeast Asian)
Golok (Southeast Asian)
Kukri, Khukri (Southeast Asian)
Kopis (Merranean)
Sickle (Worldwide, improvised)
Sudanese Sickle-Knife (African)[3]
Arit (Southeast Asian)
Pichangatti (Indian)
Wedong (Southeast Asian)
Mandau (Southeast Asian)
Hunting Cleaver (European)[3]
Pichangatti (Indian)[3]
Kujang (Sudan)
[] Picks and PickaxesChicken Sickles (Chinese)
Kama (Japanese)
Mattock (European, improvised)
Hakapik (European)
Pickaxe (European, improvised)
Ankus, Ankusha, Elephant Goad, Elephant Hook, Bullhook (South and Southeast Asian)
War hammer (European, also a blunt weapon)
Crowbill (European, Central Asian)
Horseman's Pick, Martel de Fer (European, also a blunt weapon)
[] AxesHand axe (Paleolithic)
Ovate handaxe (Paleolithic)
Hatchet (European)
Nzappa zap (African, also thrown)
Tomahawk (Americas, also a thrown weapon)
Spontoon Tomahawk (Americas)
Congolese Ax (African)[3]
Tabar Zin (Middle Eastern)
Adze (European, improvised)
Palstave (European, Bronze Age, improvised)
Long-bearded axe (European)
Fu (Chinese)
Dahomey Axe Club (African, also an effective blunt weapon)[3]
Ono (Japanese)
Masakari (Japanese)
Battle Axe (European)
Broadaxe (European)
Sagaris (Merranean)
Labrys (Merranean)
Doloire (European)
Valaška (European)
Sparth Axe (European)
Shorter Danish Axe, Dane-axe, English Long Axe, Viking Axe, Hafted Axe (European)
Bhuj, with blade shaped like the dagger on a long shaft[3]
Vechevoral (Middle Asian)[3]
[] Trauma weapons (clubs)Wielded with one or two hands at close quarters with swinging motions.

Yawara, Yawara-bo (Japanese)
Yubi-bo (Japanese)
Pasak, Dulodulo (Southeast Asian)
Kurunthadi, Churuvadi, Muchan, Kuruvadi (Indian)
Eskrima Sticks, Straight Sticks (Southeast Asian)
Cambuk (Southeast Asian)
Clubbing Boomerang (Worldwide)
Rungu (African, also ranged)
Tambo, Tanbo (Okinawan)
Hanbo (Japanese)
Otta (Central Asian)
Shillelagh (Irish)
La canne (European)
Knobkierie, Knopkierie, Knobkerry (African)
Stone Club (Worldwide)
Club, Cudgel, Bludgeon, Truncheon
Jutte, Jitte (Japanese)
Tonfa (Okinawan)
Mere (New Zealand)
Meremere (New Zealand)
Kotiate (New Zealand)
Aklys (Origin unknown)
Waddy, Nulla Nulla (Australian)
Macana (Americas)
Macuahuitl, Maquahuitl (Americas)
Patu, Patuki (New Zealand)
Tewhatewha (New Zealand)
Tekkan (Japanese)
Chúi (Chinese)
Mughal Mace (Central Asian)[3]
Gurz, Ottoman Gurz (Middle Eastern) [3]
Mace (European)
Short Scepter, Mace Scepter (European)
Flanged mace (European)
Spiked Mace (European, Middle Asian)
Morning star, Goedendag, Holy Water Sprinkler (European)
Planson, Plançon a picot (European)
Roundhead (European)
Kanabo (Japanese)
War hammer (European, also a pickaxe weapon)
Horseman's Pick, Horseman's Hammer, Martel de Fer (European, also a pickaxe weapon)
Hammer (improvised)
Maul, Sledgehammer (European improvised)
Otsuchi (Japanese)
[] Staffs, sticks, and PolearmsWielded with mainly with two hands, primarily for melee in sweeping, hooking, and thrusting motions. Throwing Javelins and Spears listed under Ranged, Thrown, Javelins & Spears. Organized from most axelike to most blunt or club like (poleaxe to Jo)

[] StavesJo (Japanese)
Bâton français (European)
Bo (Japanese)
Quarterstaff (European)
Naboot, Nabboot, Asaya, Asa, Shoum (Middle Eastern)
Gun (staff) (Chinese)
Lathi (Indian)
Eku (Okinawan)
Taiaha (New Zealand)
Shareeravadi (Middle Asian)
[] Polearms[] SpearsSibat, Bangkaw, Sumbling, Palupad (Southeast Asian)
Hasta (Merranean)
Framea, Ger, Gar, Geirr, Gaizaz, Migration Period Spear (European)
Dory Spear, Doru (Merranean)
Qiang (spear) (Chinese)
Yari (Japanese)
Hoko (Japanese)
Saintie (Middle Asian) [3]
Jukjangchangbo (Korean)
Toupjang (Korean)
Chichang (Korean)
Brandistock, Buttafuore, Feather Staff (European)
Swordstaff (European)
Yangjimochang (Korean)
Runka, Rawcon, Ranseur (European)
Spetum (European)
Ahlspiess, Awl Pike (European)
Boar spear (European)
Sarissa (Merranean)
Lance (European)
Dongyemochang (Korean)
Atgeir (European)
Pitchfork (improvised)
Menaulion (Merranean)
Trishula (Indian, Southeast Asian)
DaiJiChang (Korean)
Sabarichang (Korean)
Dangpa-chang (Korean, may also be thrown)
Nangsun (Korean)
Military fork (European)
[] Polearms with axe-like bladesTepoztopilli (Americas)
Nulbjakchang (Korean)
Ox tongue spear (European)
Partisan, Partizan (European)
Monk's Spade (Chinese)
Gandasa (South Asian, improvised)
Longer Danish Axe, Dane-axe, English Long Axe, Viking Axe, Hafted Axe (European)
Lochaber Axe (European)
Bardiche (European)
Pollaxe, Poleaxe (European)
Bec de Faucon (European)
Ji (Chinese)
Tongi, Two pointed, Four Pointed Tongi (South Asian)[3]
Arbir (Southeast Asian)
Chacing staff (European)
Halberd (European)
Guisarme (European)
Fauchard (European)
Voulge (European)
Galgorichang (Korean)* Bill, English Bill, Bill Hook, Bill-Guisarme (European)
Man catcher (European)
Ngaw (Southeast Asian)
Sodegarami (Japanese)
Tsukubō (Japanese)
Sasumata (Japanese)
Dagger-Axe, Ko (Chinese)
Glaive (European)
Pudao (Chinese)
Guan (Kwan) Dao (Chinese)
Naginata (Japanese)
Bisento (Japanese)
Long-handled Nagamaki (Japanese)
Two-handed Dacian Falx (Merranean)
Rhomphaia (Merranean)
Scythe (improvised)
[] Polearms with spikes and hammersBec de Corbin (European)
Lucerne hammer (European)
[] Ranged[] Thrown[] Spears and JavelinsAll could be used as polearm spears, but were designed and primarily used for throwing.

Assegai, Assagai (African)
Verutum (Merranean)
Lancea (Merranean)
Javelin (Merranean
Pilum (Merranean)
Soliferrum, Soliferreum, Saunion (Merranean)
Spiculum (Merranean)
Angon (European)
Harpoon (Worldwide)
Falarica, Phalarica (Merranean)
Jangchang (Korean)
Atlatl and Darts (Americas, Paleolithic cultures)
Woomera, Amirre (Australian)
[] Throwing SticksBoomerang (Australian, Worldwide)
Rungu (African)
Knobkerrie, Knopkierie, Knobkerry (African, also a blunt weapon)
[] Throwing Blades and DartsThrowing knife (Worldwide)
Hira-Shuriken, Throwing Stars (Japanese)
Shaken, Kurumaken (Japanese)
Chakram (Indian, Southeast Asian)
Bo-Shuriken, Throwing Spikes (Japanese)
Thrown Darts (Worldwide)
Plumbata, Martiobarbuli (Merranean)
[] Throwing AxesAll could be used also as axe weapons, but were specifically designed for throwing.

Hurlbat, Whirlbat (European)
Francisca, Francesca (European)
Nzappa zap (African)
Tomahawk (Americas, also an axe weapon)
Hunga Munga, Danisco, Goleyo, Njiga (African)
[] Bows[] LongbowsEnglish Longbow, Welsh longbow, Warbow
Yumi (Japanese)
Deflex bow (sub-category)
Decurve bow (sub-category)
Self bow (sub-category)
Daikyu (Japanese)
[] Recurved BowsHungarian bow (European)
Perso-Parthian bow (Middle Eastern)
Composite Bow (sub-category)
Cable-backed bow (sub-category)
[] Short Bows and Reflex BowsMongol bow (Eastern European, Chinese)
Turkish bow (Eastern European)
Korean Bow, Hwal (Korean)
hankyu (Japanese)
[] CrossbowsPistol Crossbow, Small Crossbow (Chinese)
Crossbow (European, Chinese)
Skåne Lockbow (European)
Arbalest, Arblast (European)
Gastraphetes (Merranean)
Bullet Bow, English Bullet Bow, Pellet Crossbow (European)[3]
German Stone Bow (European)[3]
Repeating Crossbow, Chu-ko-nu, Zhuge Nu (Chinese)
[] OtherBlowgun, Blowpipe, Blow Tube (Worldwide)
Fukiya (Japanese)
Sling (Paleolithic, Merranean, European)
Stave Sling, Fustibale (Merranean)
Kestros, Kestrophedrone, Cestrus, Cestrosphendone (Merranean)
Bolas (Americas)
Manriki (Japanese)
[] IncendiaryWheellock, Wheel-lock, Wheel Lock, Snaplock, Snaphance, Doglock, Flintlock, or Matchlock (pre-18th century) versions of the
Musket (Chinese, European)
Long gun (European)
Tu Huo Qiang (Chinese)
Blunderbuss, Donderbus (European)
Arquebus, Harquebus, Harkbus, Hackbut (European)
Carbine (European)
Huochong (Chinese).
Pistol (European)
Hand Cannon (Chinese, European)
Rabauld, Ribault, Ribaudkin, Organ Gun (European)
Fire lance (Chinese)
Caliver (European)
Culverin (European)
[] Composite projectile weaponsHaving a built in gun or ranged weapon combined with some other type of weapon. These weapons would be particularly at home in a steampunk type role playing game similar to Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

Pistol Sword (European Sword)
Mace Wheellock (European Mace)[3]
War Hammer Wheellock (European Pick/Hammer)[3]
Halberd Double Barreled Wheellock (European Halberd)[3]
Matchlock Ax/Dagger (European Axe, Dagger, Matchlock Combination)[3]
Carbine Ax (European Axe)[3]
Ax Match and Wheellock (European Axe with Five barrells under a removable blade)[3]
[] FlexiblesUsed with whipping or swinging motions, sometimes attached to another type of weapon.

Urumi, Chuttuval (Indian)
Smallwhips, Crops (Worldwide)
Sjambok, Litupa, Imvubu, Kiboko, Mnigolo, Chicotte, Fimbo, Kurbash (Africa)
Nagyka (Eastern European)
Bullwhip, Stockwhip (Worldwide)
Cat o' nine tails (European)
Knout (Eastern Europe)
Chain whip(Chinese)
Jiujiebian (Chinese)
Qijiebian (Chinese)
Samjitbin (Chinese)
Lasso, Lariat, Uurga (Americas, Chinese)
[] Sectional or CompositeHaving multiple handles or holdable sections.

Nunchaku (Okinawan)
Tabak-Toyok, Chako (Southeast Asian)
Two Section Staff, Chang Xiao Ban (Chinese, could also be considered a polearm)
Samjigun, Sansetsukon (Chinese, Japanese, Okinawan)
[] Chain WeaponsHaving a heavy object attached to a flexible chain according to the article, as opposed to a flexible whip made of chain. Wielded by swinging, throwing, or projecting the end, as well as wrapping, striking, and blocking with the chain.

Chigiriki (Japanese)
Flail, Fleau d'armes, kriegsflegel (European)
Cumberjung, Flail with Quoits, Double-Ended Flail (Middle Asian)[3]
Kyoketsu shoge (Japanese)
Manriki-gusari, Manrikigusari (Japanese)
Kusari-fundo (Japanese)
Kusari-gama (Japanese)
Meteor Hammer, Sheng bao, Liu Xing Chui, Dai Chui, Flying Hammer, Dragon's Fist (Chinese)
Rope Dart, Rope Javelin, Sheng Biao, Jouhyou (Chinese, Japanese)
Flying claws (Chinese)
Surujin, Suruchin (Okinawan)
Slungshot (European, Chinese, Japanese, improvised, not to be confused with a slingshot)
[] ShieldsUsed not only to block strikes and missiles but also swung outwardly to strike an opponent or in quick upward motions, or used to rush an opponent (known as shield bashing). Some shields had spikes, sharp edges, or other offensive designs.

Buckler (European)
Aspis, Hoplon (Merranean)
Oval Scutum (Merranean)
Kite shield (European)
Targe (European)
Hungarian shield (European)
Heater Shield, Heraldic Shield (European)
Tower or Rectangular Scutum (Merranean)
Ishlangu (African)
Hide, Leather, Wickerwork, Ceremonial Shields (Worldwide, Tribal)

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